I wrote this awhile back on Facebook and wanted to share it here as my first post. Just a bit of why I have been doing what I have been doing.  I am really excited about what I have been doing and building, hopefully you will come along for the journey.

Ok, so I have been wanting to write about this and here goes.  I have been making cards and sending cards like crazy as you may have noticed. 🙂 I have really been enjoying it, and I hope that you have been enjoying receiving them!  I have been trying to work out some of the things in my head in the process (I know scary) and that leads me here.

Working on cards is an amazing form of therapy for me.  I have to organize things, and plan things, and coordinate things.  I get to color, and stamp, and cut 24 one inch squares.  When I am madly at work on my projects I don’t notice pain so much, or spasms, or hunger, or heat/cold.  I am using all of my skills from sewing, and web design, and cake decorating which I thought I lost because I can’t do any of those activities anymore.  

That last one is a big one I wanted to talk about.  Not being able to make the kids cakes has been a particularly hard thing for me to be ok with.  I adore decorating cupcakes especially.  The other night talking to my husband, I equated the cards to cupcakes but how they were so much better because I could actually share them with you all.  I know there are ways to ship cupcakes, but cards are easier and even they can be a pain.  Maybe that is why there is a cupcake stamp on each birthday card?

I have opened a card shop on Etsy, and I am working on doing the stuff that goes with that, such as working on a website, Facebook page, Twitter, pinterest, instagram so that you will be able to have access to your preferred way of knowing what new cards are available. I am not going to stop sending you cards if you are on my list!  I see the store as being a separate thing.  It gives me another outlet.  It also gives you a chance to get cards to send to other people if you want.

Ok, I know this post was stupid long and I am sorry!  I would make it up to you with chocolate, but again getting to you is a problem.<\blockquote>

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