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Birthday coffee

by | May 18, 2016 | Blog, Tuesday Morning Sketches | 3 comments

This birthday coffee is most likely for a very special birthday coming up next month.  That person in my life who loves coffee about as much as anything else.  Which is kind of funny because I actually remember a day when I was the coffee drinker and they were absolutely not.  Let’s just say if you know someone long enough it’s amazing how much changes.  The funny thing is that even when I make a card with someone in mind, it doesn’t always end up being the card that ends up going to them, it does however always stick in my mind that it is their card.  I might even make several of that particular card and all of them are still their card.  I like that the cards give me that added connection to people, especially since I am bad at actually seeing people.  I added a picture of the envelope liner with this one because I just love it, I think it looks like the foam art on a really nice cup of coffee.  The design on this card comes from http://fromtheheartstamps.com/  I made this card for Tuesday Morning Sketches #352, using this sketch:

Front of card
Close up of card
Envelope with card
From the Heart Stamps

The design on this card comes from:

From the Heart Stamps:
Handmade by Sally Stamper
Image © From The Heart Stamps by Faith Skrdla


  1. Melissa

    Cute birthday card! I love birthday coffee. Thank you for joining us at Tuesday Morning Sketches.

  2. Lee

    MMMM, coffee, a subject after my own heart! Any of your coffee drinking friends would love to get this card. Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Morning Sketches!


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