Masked miracles

by | Jun 5, 2016 | Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge | 2 comments

This was one of those times that I felt kind of silly for taking so long to catch on.  I have a tendency to only know one way to get to a place, if I only know one way to get to another place I can’t always figure out the most direct route between those two places. If I know how to get to the library from the school, and I know how to get to the pool from the school, I probably only know how to get from the library to the pool by going to the school in between, which may be the longest route possible.  Masking started out feeling a bit like that to me.  I am not sure I used the most direct route to get to my finished project, but I ended up there!  I made this card to submit to Simon Says: Mask It.


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Front of card
Close up of card
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