Woodsy Dad

by | Jun 11, 2016 | Taylored Expressions Share the Joy | 0 comments

I talk a lot about using my card making time as a form of therapy, and that generally means that I am working on deep thoughts when I am assembling my cards which sometimes means I don’t notice other things until I get near the completion of the card.  Near the completion of this card all of a sudden I am looking at it and the odd thought strikes me that it feels a bit like I just made a Woodsy the owl father’s day card.  Is Woodsy a father?  I don’t know if that is better or worse than the fact that before that I kept saying “Hoothoo” every time I would stamp the owls, because I have watched far to much Timmy Time.  All of a sudden I feel like you might be questioning my mental stability, that is ok, you are definitely not the first. They say it is the sign of a creative mind, right?  I made this card to submit to Share Joy Challenge 39 Sketch & Tic- Tac- Toe, and I used this sketch:


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Front of card
Close up of card
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