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Simply Santa

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Sugar Sketch | 0 comments

I seem to be torn between Santa having white hair and him having grey hair.  I think I like the grey hair better.  Sometimes it seems weird to me that I think about what is correct when it comes to mythical creatures.  Do Yeti’s have skin on the pads of their feet or not?  What is the plural for Yeti?  I mean I can look up what a penguin looks like and at least feel like I have a shot at getting the colors somewhat correct.   Yes, I do overthink things, then I remind myself Yeti’s wouldn’t make such clear foot prints if they didn’t have skin on the bottom of their feet. 🙂 I am submitting this card to SugarPea Designs Mix It Up Challenge #23 (SPDMIU23), and I used this sketch:


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