Happy spring flower

by | Mar 8, 2017 | I {heart} Sketches with a tWist | 0 comments

I totally overlooked the first day of spring coming because of it not being on the calendar I use for birthdays, and it being so close to St. Patrick’s day.  I must admit that we have several calendars hanging up in out house so it really is just a case of which one I happen to look at.  I also have at least three on my computer/phone/tablet.  You would think I would be better at not missing dates, but the truth is it is still kind of hit or miss.  I also have to admit that for friends and family instead of asking a lot of the time I play ‘private detective’ and try and figure out dates by using social media, I don’t know how accurate I am or how many I miss that way.  It’s already hard enough trying to get everyone’s address.  I am submitting this card to I {heart} Sketches with a tWist #165, and I used this sketch:


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Front of card
Close up of card


The design on this card comes from
Handmade by Sally Stamper
Image © From The Heart Stamps by Faith Skrdla
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