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Never forget you, teacher

by | May 6, 2017 | Mojo Monday | 0 comments

I couldn’t wait any longer to start making teacher thank you cards.  Even if our kids won’t be getting out for summer vacation until the end of June because of all of the bad weather this winter.  I just love teacher cards so much!    I used Teachers Count and the Apple Die Set from Verve stamps for this card.  This card was cutting and stamping for the most part.  I did ‘assemble’ the apple by cutting it first out of red cardstock, and then the stem out of brown and gluing it on, and the leaf out of green and gluing it on.  I then stamped the apple and since I didn’t stamp it before cutting I did it on my sizzix pad so I could see where I was stamping.  I have both a mini misti and the stamp pad and I use them both for different things sometimes on the same project.  Like this project.  I wanted to make sure that my wording was well placed and I was scared that I might not get it stamped dark enough the first time, so I used the misiti.  However, on the apple even though lining it up was important I didn’t have room for the magnets that are required for things to work on the misiti, so I used the sizzix pad.  I just always make sure that there is foam under whatever I am stamping.  I am submitting this card to Mojo Monday 495 Contest.

This is the sketch I used on this project:

These are the tools I used on this project:


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