Spin to relax

by | Jul 9, 2017 | My cards | 0 comments

My nephew is really into fidget spinners right now and every time we go to one of my favorite craft stores I have been talked into getting him a new one. He has been gone this week and I am missing him horribly, so I made this card for him.  I made a basic outline of a spinner and imported it into my Cricut design software and figured out how to make it look like my nephews that I was using as a guide.  I cut out the spinner in two different pieces of cardstock and affixed them together and added the embellishments.  I cut my circle channel out of a piece of cardstock and glued the spin discs to small rounds of cardstock and to the spinner through the channel.  I added this so that my spinner would actually spin.  I stamped my cardstock with my saying.

These are the tools I used on this project:


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