Fairy birthday

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I was supposed to post this card yesterday in honor of my eldest niece turning 17.  You want to know what, this auntie was doing a bit of pouting instead.  Don’t get me wrong, she has grown into an amazing woman.  One that I am super proud to know and love and spend time with and I can’t say enough wonderful things about…  However, she will always be my little Tinkerbell, my princess, the baby that I waited in a parking lot to meet, the little girl that played in my skirts, and I would buy Hot Cocoa bubble bath for so she would take a bath.  I used Flower Fairy from alldressedupstamps for the main design on this card.  I watercolored the image using the colors listed in the tools section below.  I also did a bit of adding ink to my mat and then placing my paper on it and then misting to achieve the color on the birthday tag.

These are the tools I used on this project:


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