I had a wonderful summer.  It stayed nice and cool around here which makes me think we are in for a hot fall.  I hate that the kids are all headed back to school now, but I also love that they are learning new things.  I am trying to remember how to do things around here as well, and it is deffinetly causing me to change this and that.  Some on purpose some just because of memory disconnects,  So don’t be to suprised if you notice things changing.  I did say something in the last post.  I have changed my base cards.  I am no longer making them myself, but I am now puchasing ready-made base cards.  I need to update the information on them throughout the website still.  Things will get back to normal soon.  Just need to work on the transition from summer back to normal.


I am submitting this card to:

This is the sketch and/or inspiration I used on this project: