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Floral Squirrel

Sometimes I actually amaze myself at my failure to notice things. I have loved this digi stamp company for quite awhile, but I kinda keep forgetting about them, which is one of the reasons I have been working so hard on organizing and cataloging everything. I just revisited their Facebook page as part of my due diligence and was shocked to find out that they have an (actually two) challenge that I have been missing! Well, now I know and I can try and start participating.

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Puppy party

When our pup turned one we had a birthday party for him. Honestly, it was more for the kids than anything else. I do try and spoil him a bit on his ‘special day’. Our first pup was a rescue dog and we had no idea when his birthday was, so we celebrated the day he joined our family as “Calvin Dog Day” He had a weakness for strawberry ice cream so he always got some on that day. (There was a year he was the only one to get any of the strawberries my grandfather grew in his garden)

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Friendship is precious

Reading through some of my favorite blogs on Monday I saw a reference to a new challenge that honestly made me kind of giddy. I would imagine most people who know me know that I have a huge weakness for books and reading and this challenge marries that with my obsession with making cards. So when I heard about a library challenge that uses books for inspiration I have to join in! I have been super excited to make this card and get it posted.

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Thanks a Latte

We need this sprite to come visit our house! Now that I am back to drinking coffee (black, cold brew seems to be the answer) we both drink a lot of it, and it would be handy to have a helpful sprite to make it! Honestly, I would love to have most of the sprites visit. I just really love them all and have a horrible time choosing one!

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Candy Witch

Isn’t she just the cutest little witch? I love that I have such a range of different witches in my Halloween stamps to play with. I think that is kind of important because I don’t think that witches are a one size fits all kind of thing. Books, tv, movies all have different versions, I am sure that real life does as well…

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Floral Dragonfly

New card style! Well, I have made swing cards in the past, just not for awhile. This is the first time that I have had any up in my store. I needed a bit of a challenge and this was a good one. There are definitely some things I still need to work on with this style of card, but I think it turned out pretty well.

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Always read me

There is something about the fact that a card only has a few elements that sometimes makes me work especially hard on those elements. This card I used a lot of different colors for just a few items on it. I wanted the books to really pop. I think sometimes it’s fun to do just that!

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A birthday brush

This sketch gave me a chance to pull out a stamp set and play around with it. I love getting to do that! I also was thinking this a good guys card, but honestly, it has my favorite colors so it doesn’t necessarily have to be only a guys card.

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Easter cutout

So many times I see cards that inspire me and make me want to make something similar, the great thing is that sometimes I see several different versions of ‘that card’ and it just makes me want to make it even more. This card is based on at least four other cards of a similar style. I think it is the clean and simple design that really speaks to me.

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Rise and shine

Until I started watching one of my nephews on a daily basis and had to be up early I didn’t get up until double digits most days and that involved my sweet husband bringing me a cup of coffee and something to eat. There was a period where I couldn’t drink coffee because of a medication I was on, but now it seems as long as it is black I can again! Which means hubby is back to starting my day with a hot cup, and it is one of the reasons I love him so much.

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Love and

Straitining up my desk the other day reminded me of some things that I just haven’t found the right place to use yet. The ampersand die has been one of those that I keep looking at and just not having the click as to where it would work right. It finally found its place! Yay!

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Sorry, I frogot

What flavor of popsicles do frogs like? I always think of Kermit ordering Dragonfly Ripple in The Muppet Movie, but I am still not sure what color that would be exactly. I went with a honey color this time since I figured it would be something that he could find flies in, weirdly it looks a bit like amber to me which I am not sure is all that bad of an option.

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